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Socially Speaking

This webinar  is an introduction to how your foundation can use social media. Nicole from National office and Alisa, a talented volunteer from Braidwood led fellow volunteers through the basics of the various platforms, created a Facebook foundation page, a post and shared ideas for content 😉.

As promised in the webinar here are a few takeaways to start getting loud on the socials!

The presentation we worked through

Social media 101 – a beginners guide

Calendar to prompt and plan

Health & Wellbeing Webinar

Did you have a chance to attend the recent wellbeing webinar? Or would you like another opportunity to rake in the information? This webinar will be available on the site for 12mths for you to review.

This EAP service for CEF recipients will be rolled from February 2023. Read the FAQ and this flyer for more detail.