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Events are often the staple of fundraising for our foundations. There are sooo many types of events from a basic chocolate fundraiser to an extravagant cocktail party right through to pushing a papier mâché pig across the country … but there is one thing that stays a constant … it must make money!

Whatever your event, some key points to think about to make sure it is a success are why, when and how … you will also need a key driver (that could be you!) and a great team behind you.

What is the purpose of your event?

There are many reasons to run an event and knowing the prime reason for the event can help shape how it will be run. One key point though, don’t throw a lot of effort into holding an event that is only going to break even or even worse, run at a loss.

To raise money

Usually the main reason to run an event is to generate funds. Funds raised go into your pool of funds for the next round of student grants or can also be for a specific project as long as it benefits the students in your community.

To get publicity

A successful and noteworthy event can attract positive publicity for your group. If used well, that publicity can then be turned into more donations.

To get raise awareness

A well-run and well-publicised event can raise awareness that in turn may help you attract more members, supporters and donors. It can also add to your reputation as an efficient, effective, well-organised group which again can help your future fundraising efforts.

To say thank you

Special events can give you the opportunity to recognise volunteers or supporters who have made a significant contribution, or to mark particular successes or milestones. A grant presentation night is the perfect opportunity to invite your donors and supporters along to thank them and recognise their efforts.

Event Ideas

Quick and Easy Events

These are quick, easy low risk ideas that require minimal planning!


  • Sausage sizzle
  • Chocolate sale
  • Pie drive
  • Head or beard shave
  • Garage Sale
  • Morning tea
  • Loose change challenge

Think Big Events

These events require a bit more planning but the rewards can be huge!


  • Fun run – colour run etc
  • Golf Day
  • Cocktail party or ball
  • Concert featuring local bands
  • Trivia night
  • Movie night
  • Fashion show
  • Pig Push!
  • Film Festival

Event add on Ideas

As well as selling tickets, there are an array of fun add-ons that you could implement to raise a little more cash at the event.


  • Raffles
  • Auction/Silent Auction
  • Balloon Pop
  • 100 Club
  • Coin slide

Playing by the rules

Even when raising funds for charities we must be sure we have the correct permits and permissions. To help you navigate the process please find attached the relevant links for your state.

Rules around Raffles

NSW – you do not need a permit when the total value of prizes doesn’t exceed $30,000. You are covered by CEF authority to fundraise. More info

SA – a licence is required where the total retail value of all prizes is more than $5,000. More info

QLD – total value of prizes must be at least 20% of the estimated total ticket sales. Do not need a licence for raffles up to $50,000 gross proceeds. More info

NT – no permit if sales under $5,000. Permit needed if above this. More info

Victoria – permit required for prize value over $5,000. More info