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Traditional Media

Before the younger sibling “digital”¬† came along, these were the traditional marketing communication channels. They still have a place in the ever widening suite of tools available to connect with your audience.

All forms of communication rely on you knowing your audience, being clear in the message of the piece of communication and executing to reflect the brand.

Marketing with Manners

Is there anything more traditional or appreciated than the handwritten note? Why not combine good manners and great branding? We have designed a series of CEF cards that can be used how ever suits you – perfect thank you card, birthday congratulations or introduction. Download here

Here are some tips to print –

* Use 200gsm A5 board
* Load Board in your bypass or manual tray
* Check the printer preferences
* Select A5 paper
* Paper type Board GSM 200
* Use Bypass/media tray.


Using brochures and flyers you can tell the story of CEF and foundations, or promote that your applications are open or your latest event.

National office have artwork on hand or we can work with you to create personalised artwork to be printed through your suppliers.

Here is an example of the Need Funds Brochure.


Advertising can be in your local paper, community paper, school newsletters or local business newsletters. Typically mainstream advertising can be expensive and in the current landscape has diminishing returns.

If you choose to use this option be sure to have one clear message and call to action.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is using a a mass form of communication delivered, as the name suggests, direct to prospects home or business. This can be generic but is more effective if personalised.

Direct mail can be hardcopy in the way of a letter or brochure or electronically via an email, much like the Midweek Muster.


Using promotional products is an opportunity to extend the interaction with the brand when the item is retained and used. The selection criteria of the product should include how it reflects the brand and who is the target audience.

We have CEF tea towels currently available for you to sell to raise funds or to give as gifts for donors or at events.


Events can be used to raise funds, celebrate students, thank donors or increase your local profile. You will find extensive tips for hosting a successful event for your foundation on the events page of this resource.

As with all of these options, keep in mind who your market is and what it is you want them to do or think about CEF.