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Cody Logan from Orange NSW is currently in his final year of a Bachelor of Paramedicine at the Charles Sturt University Bathurst Campus. This is impressive on its own, and yet he has set his sights higher still, planning to undertake a medicine degree next, specialising in cardiology.


Like many CEF grant recipients, Cody wants to take his knowledge back to regional Australian communities to improve the health of people who often lack basic medical support. He wants to educate regional people on healthy life decisions and ways to improve their daily habits.

I want to do the best I can with the life I have been given.
I want to make my mark in this world and I can do that through medicine.
I want to be able to give the best life possible for my family and every family across Australia.

Growing up in regional NSW, he is all too aware of the significant gap that exists in healthcare access between regional and metropolitan areas, and between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.

He knows that bridging this gap sounds difficult; seemingly impossible, but Cody is up for the challenge. He believes it is completely achievable, and says with passion and commitment, ‘impossible isn’t a fact, it’s an opinion.’

Every morning when you wake up you have two choices:
you can close your eyes and sleep with your dreams, or you can get up and chase them.


Life hasn’t been easy for Cody. He knows all about overcoming tragedy and challenges.

He says things have been tough since the passing of his father; and a house fire at the family home not long before he started university left him with nothing. Yet, he carries on with strength, resilience and positivity.

He acknowledges with great pride that his Mum has done an ‘amazing job’ raising five children, making sure they had everything she could ever give them.

School was always extremely important. Cody and his siblings were told they could do whatever they set their minds to. He says his family are always there for each other, providing mental, emotional and financial support.

I’m the first in my household to pursue higher education and attend university and I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to enhance my knowledge and pursue my career aspirations.

As you get to know Cody, there is no question he has so much to be proud of. When asked about his achievements he says: ‘There are so many moments that make me shine with pride and remind me that what I’m doing and where I am is exactly where I am meant to be.’

But, without a doubt, his proudest moment is inspiring his brother to pursue higher education. ‘I have demonstrated to my little brother that if you truly want something and you stick to it, then that dream will become a reality with a little bit of blood, sweat and tears.’

Like 1 in 5 Australians nowadays, Cody is no stranger to tears. He demonstrates courage and great honesty when disclosing his struggles with mental health, one of the biggest challenges he faces.

There was a positive to all this sadness and now I have an amazing support network of friends and family who always remind me to be the best version of myself I can be.

He reflects on these life experiences with an incredible sense of maturity and has already learned lessons few people ever will.

He says this battle has given him some of the worst moments of his life. He was so nervous and worried about making new friends when he started university, he found himself isolated during his first year.

Cody has a strong sense of pride. He doesn’t like asking for help, because he always believes that there is someone else in greater need than him.

We suspect it is this combination of life experiences and humility that makes him so endearing, engaging and kind. It is unquestionably why CEF is so proud to support Cody.


CEF Orange & Districts has been supporting Cody in his pursuit of higher education since 2019. He has also received additional financial support through our partnership with CSU Three Rivers University Department of Rural Health (UDRH); and in 2021 is the deserving recipient of an Audi Foundation – CEF scholarship.

He says this backing from his community lifts some of the financial burden, allowing him to focus on his studies, family and own health, all fundamentally important to Cody. He also believes CEF has helped him achieve the best study outcomes possible.

I’ve always wanted to go to university and study in the medical field and CEF has made that dream a reality, without them I think it would still be a dream.

So positive and affirming is Cody’s relationship with CEF that he is always helping in any way he can. He attends events and provides inspiring videos for the CEF ‘Make it Possible’ Hub.

Staying connected with CEF is very important to him. ‘After studying it will give me the opportunity to give back to an organisation which has given so much for me.’

What Cody doesn’t realise, is that he has already given back to CEF in spades.


Best playlist for concentrating?
Native bird sounds (trust me, they’re great!!)

Favourite place for coffee or tea?
The Botanic Gardens

Last book you read?
The Happiest Man on Earth, Eddie Jaku OAM

Fantasy study group?
Marie Curie, Stan Lee, Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking

How would you spend your last $10?
Find someone who needs $10 and brighten their day


Local Foundation:
CEF Orange & Districts

Bachelor of Paramedicine

Charles Sturt University

Year of study:
3rd year

Other Support:
CSU Three Rivers
Audi Foundation – CEF Scholarship


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