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‘Where am I going to live?’

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When country students head off to university, one of the biggest questions is: ‘Where am I going to live?’ For many it’s the question of on or off campus. For me, living on campus seemed the perfect fit.

The beauty of living on campus is there is an option for everyone’s taste. Whether you’re looking for catered or non-catered, apartment or shared facilities, individual or shared rooms – there’s something for everyone. Picking the one that fits you will help make this transition into university significantly easier.

Location wise, there’s no downfall. For a country student, you’re often not as confident navigating a new city, particularly if you need to use public transport (which is a bit of a nightmare when you first move). Living on campus means all classes are within walking distance, so you have one less worry as you try to adapt to a new city.

Living away from home for the first time is tough. Most people will experience homesickness and I was no different. I just wanted to pack my bags at one stage and go see my family. However, living on campus helps. It’s hard to feel down for long when there’s such a strong sense of comradery within this form of community. The social atmosphere here is incredibly unique, where the friendships you make here become your family when you’re away. You can walk down the hallway and talk to someone who will cheer you up instantly. It’s quite a special place to live.

What entices most people about campus life is the social life. There’s always a social, sporting, academic or cultural event to help you form a sense of belonging to this community and make university all the more enjoyable. What stems from this is the comradery – which I feel is important to emphasise. You support each other, celebrate each other’s successes, and bring each other up in times of struggle – it creates a sense of empowerment to succeed. It helps you find your place at university and thrive in your new city.

If you’re considering living on campus, I’d encourage you to try it. It just added to the enjoyment of my first year.


Katie is studying a Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Aeronautical/Space) and Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Sydney. She grew up in Glen Innes, NSW.


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