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A new partnership established between CEF and Dunmore Lang College at Macquarie University has helped one regional student embark on their education journey.

CEF Namoi supported student Lochie Russell is the first recipient of the new CEF-Dunmore Lang part accommodation scholarship.

Lochie is an 18-year-old from the small town of Narrabri NSW, who has recently made the big move to Sydney to study a Bachelor of Security Studies at Macquarie University.

Lochie is thankful for the support, which will help him with the transition to university.

Dunmore Lang has strong engagement programs for rural, regional and indigenous students which are generously supported by Macquarie University, donors, mentors and facilitators.

“The College has a strong rural and regional student base and is committed to providing opportunities for students from all backgrounds to live in College whilst completing their degrees,” Dean of Students at Dunmore Lang, Liza Allen said.

“This year we have been able to offer a scholarship in partnership with Country Education Foundation to Lochie Russell and we are excited to welcome him to Dunmore Lang.”

“I have been worried about being separated from my family for the first time, as we have always been together. Narrabri is six hours away from Sydney which will take a while for me to adapt to. I am also excited to meet new people, start my degree and see what opportunities that Macquarie University and college life can offer for me,” he said.

“This accommodation scholarship means a lot to me as I won’t have to work for as many casual hours or need as much support from my parents to help pay for my accommodation. It made the move to Sydney much more affordable and less of a financial strain.”


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