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Education Partners

Many universities and colleges realise that it is significantly more costly for rural and regional students to access post high school education. Because of this an increasing number of tertiary institutions are partnering with Country Education Foundation (CEF) offering matched or co-funding to our students along with social support.

In 2022 alone our education partners provided over $300,000 in additional support to CEF full-time undergraduate students from rural and regional Australia.

Supporting our students

We work collaboratively with our education partners to provide assistance to rural and regional students who live in a town serviced by a CEF committee.

This support can be via co-funded scholarships, primarily available to students in their first year of studies; however can extend to subsequent years of study if the funds are available. Where possible, students will receive a dollar for dollar match of their locally received grant. Support from our education partners also exists in the form of programs and resources which assist school students transitioning to further education.

Assistance is available to students who have received a grant from their local CEF and are studying with one of our partner universities/colleges. The additional funding from each partner is not guaranteed and the amount offered is usually determined towards the end of semester one after a census enrolment check.

What do you need to do for matched funding from our partners? Nothing! If you have received a CEF grant and are studying at one of our current partner universities/colleges, your local foundation will let you know if extra funds have become available in addition to your local grant. If you have any queries about our university / college partnerships, please speak with a representative from your local CEF.

For further information about partnering with CEF pleaseĀ contact us here.