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Make it IMPOSSIBLE is a project, initiated by CEF and supported by Macquarie University, to raise the aspirations of rural and regional youth dreaming of a better future. 

This online resource will dovetail with the hugely popular University Survival Guide and Scholarship Guide and is intended to kickstart the journey of further education.

Packed with content and tools to minimise the hurdles placed in front of our regional and rural youth, it will be an excellent guide for those leaving school or youth looking for further education opportunities.

We want to engage local foundations to provide feedback on the content and usability of the site and possibly provide more resources or content that would be relevant for your students and community.

We would really appreciate your input.

  • Consider the usability, information, layout and content of the site.
  • When thinking about how to distribute this resource to your local students and youth - how would you do so and what tools would you require?