How to eat healthily and stay on budget

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Yes, uni is all about socialising and exploring (especially when you’re not studying) but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a bomb on eating out and Uber Eats. If you think ahead you can be a super savvy shopper in the supermarket.

  • Have a budget, go to the supermarket with only the cash you want to spend. This will stop the splurges and unnecessary purchases.
  • Have a plan, go to the supermarket with a list and stick to it.
  • There’s nothing wrong with plain label stuff. Go for the Woolworths or Coles branded items. A lot of the time it’s almost the same product in a plainer label for a lot less money.
  • If you like meat see what’s discounted or buy the cheaper cuts. Discounted stuff can be frozen or cooked straight away. Cheaper cuts are just as tasty, just do a quick google search on how to cook them.
  • There is nothing wrong with “ugly” fruit and veg. It will taste just the same BUT be cheaper. Look out for them.
  • Meal planners will work wonders for your budget and time management.
  • Cook in bulk batches and freeze – curries, pastas and soups are great for this. An easy way to make this achievable is investing in a slow cooker. Slow cookers aren’t expensive and they cook your favourite meal in bigger proportions. Cheaper cuts of meat often do really well in the slow cooker because of the low and slow cooking method.
  • Try to avoid eating out a lot – it’s expensive and adds up quickly!
  • Take snacks to classes so you’re not tempted to buy café food. By taking snacks with you, you will spend less! Think muesli bars, fruit, carrots sticks, yogurt (freeze so these keep cold in summer) and nuts are great starts.
  • Avoid buying water – get yourself a water bottle and refill as you go, you’ll save the environment and your bank balance.
  • Avoid buying your coffee – get yourself a plunger and make it yourself to take with you in a reusable travel cup. You will save yourself at least $4 a day (that’s $20 a week!).


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