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How to make your new room homey, but not claustrophobic

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Moving into college with maybe hundreds of other people can be a bit crazy, but you will soon find your room will become your tiny sanctuary. To keep the calm vibes going don’t let the clutter make you feel boxed it, instead make the most of the small space. Here are five easy ways to make your new home what you want it.

  1. Try to embrace your inner minimalist. College (uni accommodation) rooms are small and over cluttering it will make it feel smaller. I was guilty of taking far too many clothes with me first year, take this as an opportunity to clean out your closet!
  2. Put up photos and posters. Make your room as homey as possible by surrounding yourself with new and old memories.
  3. If you don’t already have one and can afford to, purchase a small bar fridge for your room. When you have a communal kitchen/fridges things can sometimes go missing, having your own fridge saves you from this!
  4. Diffusers! College rooms can sometimes smell very… lived in. Most accommodations ban candles for safety so invest in some nice diffusers.
  5. If you are sharing a common bathroom, purchase a hardy and large bag/basket to carry all your toiletries to and from. Also makes it harder to forget!


Sophie Nelson is studying a Bachelor of Pre-Medicine, Science and Health at the University of Wollongong. She grew up in Broken Hill, in far west NSW, a whole 1113km away from Wollongong. Sophie is about to start her second year at university, and is a recipient of CEF’s McLean Foundation Scholarship

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