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Landmark results, empowerment and generosity

By June 14, 2019June 17th, 2019No Comments
Kate Hodder is just one of the students that are realising their goals thanks to CEF.

As the 2018/19 financial year draws to a close, we’re pulling out the record books to compare Country Education Foundation of Australia’s (CEF) impact and value to the community.

The latest financial and community engagement figures suggest CEF is on track for milestone achievements that concrete a secure standing moving forward.

CEF is building on each previous year’s efforts, with 2019 set to be a record year.

Landmark achievements include over $10 million being raised for direct financial support, which has been received by 5000 young people to date, since the organisation was formed in 1993.

$1.4 million was raised in 2018/19 alone, with the value of an average grant growing 32% in the last five years to $2443.

We will be supporting over 580 students this year, 85 more than in 2018, which represents an 18% increase in students supported who are now able to pursue their career and education goals.

The number of education partners has increased, along with a rise in personalised university experience programs, engagement initiatives, committee support and advocacy.

Remarkable results include a 300% increase in the number of students going to the University of Canberra as an example.

Corporate partnerships have raised over $700,000 in the last five years, with $366,000 in the previous 12 months alone.

With representation now in five Australian states and territories, the CEF footprint continues to grow each year.

Congratulations to every volunteer who works so tirelessly to ensure the future success of CEF. There is a part for everyone to play in the support of further education for young people from rural, regional and remote communities.

All in all we have a great report card this year. CEF sincerely thanks every generous donor. Without your support, we wouldn’t have such impressive news to share. We hope you can feel a warm sense of satisfaction from here!


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