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Matthew keen to make good on return to regional Australia

By August 3, 2020January 14th, 2021No Comments

Growing up on his family’s black angus and fine merino farm in Harden was the main inspiration for Matthew Young’s interest in agriculture.

He hopes his education journey will ultimately lead him back to the district.


Bookham NSW

Bachelor of Agriculture

Charles Sturt University,
Wagga Wagga

Local foundation:
Harden District Education Foundation

Additional support:
SELX-CEF scholarship

Matthew explains that being raised in a regional community within an agricultural setting has been a major driving force in his further education choices. It has also given him an appreciation of agriculture’s importance within Australia and on a global context.

He says agriculture has so much pressure to succeed in a global climate where the industry is expected to feed more people off less land. It will be more important than ever to investigate all options to maximise productivity while hopefully not impacting the environment and remaining sustainable.

“I also believe that farmers are more attuned to the land and the appreciation that the more you give to the land the more it can give back. This is also very important with coming out of droughts that are still very fresh in mind, and the possibilities for innovation to help mitigate the effects of our changing climate.”


Working remotely following COVID-19 has impacted Matthew’s second year of study with regard to the practical nature of the course. And he believes that now more than ever it is crucial that this area of study is well supported.

“It has been interesting how much more people have started to appreciate farmers during the recent pandemic and realise where their food comes from.”

There will always be jobs in agriculture as long as people want to be fed, have something to wear and have something to drink.
The support they provide makes it easy to see why local rural communities really are the best.

Matthew first applied for support through the Harden District Education Foundation (HDEF). “My local CEF is really important and would hands down be the reason I applied this year.”

He has also received a SELX – CEF Scholarship two years running. “I was really surprised by the generosity and as always would like to say thanks to the support received. It enables me to remove some of the financial burden associated with university. With SELX being a local company, it makes me happy to know that the local commitment is still there to help their own business as well as the future of rural communities.”


He hopes to run his own agricultural enterprise or to end up on the family farm. “Having university-level knowledge will be greatly beneficial and provide a good base in sustainable agriculture.”

Working in agronomy, education or within business or government sectors helping to form ways to foster and build Australian agriculture are initial career ideas. As well as helping Dad out on the farm.

And lastly Matthew thanks HDEF for their support and hopes to stay connected with the community.

Harden has been an amazing place to have grown up, and the opportunities are still available if you look hard enough…I’d always love to come back and share experiences with the small town that raised me.

Best advice you have for CEF students?
It is never too late to learn something new, and you should grab any opportunity by the hands , as you never know where that will lead you or what door you’ll be putting your foot into for later in life.

Dogs or Cats?
Dogs, for their supreme loyalty.

Sunrise or sunset, and why?
Sunset, as there is nothing more calming and relaxing than sitting down of an evening with mates and enjoying a bonfire crackle away while the sun smoothly sails down often demonstrating a fantastic array of colours.

First place to take visitor to your home town?
To the Harden Weir to have a look at some history and see if we can find any gold left over from the Gold Rush.


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