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New students set with 5th University Survival Guide

By February 28, 2019March 12th, 2019No Comments

Earlier this year we launched our 5th annual University Survival Guide to help tens of thousands of new university students, including our very own recipients, and their families better navigate campus life. The 2019 University Survival Guide is a free online resource containing advice on all aspects of uni life. Sponsored by Southern Cross University, it is written for all first-years regardless of where they live, but is particularly relevant for our rural and regional students.

“Thousands of country students are starting to settle into their new lives in major cities and regional centres. For most it will be the first time they will live away from their families and support networks and they will need some extra help,” said CEF Chief Executive Officer Wendy Cohen.

The University Survival Guide is free, it’s easy to use and it’s practical. It includes stacks of advice about making the most of ‘O week’; how to live and eat healthily; balance work, study and a social life; safety tips; reassurance for parents worried about sending their kids out into the world; and even a supplement focused on international students.

“Importantly it offers advice from the real experts—our recipients who are at university themselves—in the form of stories and blogs,” Ms Cohen said.

The University Survival Guide is a vital resource for country students to feel supported and encouraged during a period of life-changing transition.

“It’s an exciting time for young people: they are embarking on life as an adult and are committed to achieving their career dreams, but many are disheartened by the prohibitive cost and long distances associated with relocating for study,” Ms Cohen said.

“Given these barriers, and the added emotional and financial pressures from the drought, it really is no wonder that country youth are less likely to pursue further education. We are committed to help close this gap.”

Check out the Guide yourself:


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