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Are you interested in establishing a foundation to support the students in your community?

We have a network of over 40 local Country Education Foundations (CEFs) across Australia, all assisting their school-leavers to access further education and training – and investing in the future of their rural and regional communities, but we always need more.

Before you complete this Expression of Interest (EOI) form please call us at the CEF on 1300 652 144 to discuss your application. It’s not a complicated process but we do like to have a chat about what is involved before you take the trouble to research and prepare the information required.

When completing your EOI, there are some points of which we’d like you to be aware.

  • New committees will adopt the CEF naming protocol eg. Country Education Foundation of XXX
  • Committees will work collaboratively and respectfully with CEF Australia and other CEF committees eg. the sharing of data, media and other useful information.
  • Committees will provide notification of their AGM to CEF Australia as well as a copy of their financial report and any other reports presented at the AGM.
  • Committees will update the hub on the website and then ‘Finalise & Submit’ their grants by 31st March of each year.
  • As noted via the constitution, CEF Australia are a member of all local foundations and as such, we reserve the same rights as those of other members.
  • Committees must adhere to CEF policies and procedures.


EOI Community Foundations

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GET involved with CEF

We encourage like-minded individuals and businesses to get in touch with a foundation in their area to find out how you can get involved in making a difference to the future of rural and regional Australia. CEF provides interested communities with a structure, framework, resources and ongoing financial and other assistance, supporting their efforts to raise funds for grants to school leavers and job seekers in their local communities.