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Donations from Sales

Would you like to support CEF but are unsure of how you can do this without making an upfront donation or contribution? A great way to do this is to commit either a dollar amount or percentage of each sale to CEF. This can be a small amount, and can be done as part of a one-off campaign or on a regular basis.

Whatever option you choose, CEF will assist in promoting and advertising your support and business through traditional and social media avenues.


Most definitely! Providing promotion codes for the use of CEF ‘family members’ is also another way you can contribute to our work and show your support.

A little goes a long way to decreasing the significant burden these students and their families face.

You could provide a discount code

CEF-supported students can use these to:

  • purchase stationery for study

  • house necessities for set up of a new residence

  • purchase groceries

  • subsidise travel costs

Another great way for you to support CEF, our volunteers and our students, is to supply gift cards for CEF to use to either support students  directly, or to increase engagement and increase visibility of our work. We will always discuss with you how we intend to use your generous support to ensure you are making the most impact possible for rural and regional students.