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I don’t think success is a measurement of achievement but more so the serenity you have. 

Sean Rothery, Broken Hill

Meet Sean

Eureka Benevolent Foundation – CEF  Scholarship Recipient

Sean Rothery

International College of Management, Sydney 

Bachelor of Business (Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

Success and determination

Thanks to the family and community support he’s received, Sean is determined to succeed, regardless of the personal or family challenges he’s faced.

I want to strive for success so that my family aren’t in a compromised position again, whether for my children or to spoil my parents for their guidance and support.

“I’m passionate about thriving in any area that I am pursuing,” and finishing in the top four of all his classes at Willyama High School in Broken Hill shows Sean absolutely lives the words he speaks.

“If you are serene and comfortable with your position in life and do not have any personal necessities to fix – not improve, there is always improvement – then I believe you are successful.”

Being selected for the Eureka Benevolent Foundation – CEF Scholarship

It was Sean’s obvious dedication and determination that made him the perfect choice for the 2020 Eureka Benevolent Foundation – CEF University Scholarship.

Sean was selected as he had clear goals and demonstrated how determined he was to achieve them.

“Sean had thoroughly worked out what his expenses would look like and could articulate his long-term career plans to create and manage his own technology/product-based companies and invest in communities and charities” says Emma Burns, CEF Students and Education Partnerships.

The Eureka Benevolent Foundation is the family foundation of Roger Massy-Greene AM and Belinda Hutchinson AM. 

Studying business at the International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) were Sean’s preferred choice of institution and course because of the pathways such further education can offer.

“I enjoy all the different options business provides and the potential you can achieve with this career path. I believed ICMS was the best option in terms of institutions, considering that the school is dedicated to management. They appeared very knowledgeable in that area with multiple degrees dedicated to specific management styles.”

Knowing that the Eureka Benevolent Foundation and CEF are providing their support towards my goals will help in my confidence, financial ability for my dreams and goals of the future plus relieve the financial stress of an entirely new living situation.

COVID-19 and the move to online learning

When COVID-19 restrictions hit, Sean was visiting family back home in Broken Hill, stranded with only a bag of clothes and his laptop, his accommodation in Sydney closed until further notice.

Despite his unique situation, Sean says the switch to online learning for his Business course was easy, however online learning has impacted his ‘in-class’ enthusiasm but says “we must make the best of this situation and keep striving towards our goals.”

I feel it has impacted the effectiveness of my studies. Studying online rather than in the classroom impacts my motivation, commitment and concentration, as all classes are three hours long with minimal breaks to fit in all content.

Sean’s mum is a Royal Flying Doctor Service nurse based in the outback city, which adds another level of isolation for his family during this time.

“If anyone contracts COVID-19 it can reach all the nurses in Broken Hill which is a serious issue, especially due to a large portion of the population of the town being elderly.

“If my mum contracted this, it could also reach the more rural areas that she flies to for work.”

Eureka Benevolent recipient Sean Rothery is one of four Broken Hill students who benefited from $84,000 in CEF scholarships, announced late last month.



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