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2018 Student Impact Report

Each year at CEF we measure our impact on the lives of rural and regional youth. See how we did in 2018!


individual students awarded
grants or scholarships


value of local
grants and scholarships


value of local
education partner funding


total value of  support provided
by CEF in 2018


of our alumni have completed or on track to complete their course of study

of our alumni tell us our assistance was very important in achieving their aspirations

of graduating alumni have found employment in their chosen field

...and the future is looking strong


of our grant funds are raised by our
within their own communities


of the average grant over
the past ten years

Our growth = more financial
support to students

“There are many crossroads in life, from student to workplace, from teenager to adulthood and so forth. These crossroads become even harder to traverse in periods of intense drought or devastating floods and other climate wildcards of destruction.

This is exactly where Country Education Foundation has a vital role to play in its interface with students, to help them through the challenges of academic and practical endeavour. Indeed it is to open up opportunity in difficult times, indeed in all times.

The quid pro quo is for students to have commitment and work hard to maximise their chances and their progress through good educational choices and achievements.

As Australia reaches 25 million people, our need for graduates of all kinds, whether trade or academic, is more and more; our need for the Country Education Foundation and its work in this regard is also more and more.”

The Honourable Tim Fischer, AC, former Deputy Prime Minister of AustraliaCEF Patron

“Support through educational scholarships is one of the objectives of our Foundation and we have been proud supporters of Country Education Foundation for nearly 10 years. We love that scholarships provide opportunities for rural students to further their education - to follow their dreams and pursue successful careers. The Alumni Program enables former students to continue their involvement with CEF, encouraging advocacy and advancement.”

Georgina ByronCEO, The Snow Foundation - CEF Partner

“At Swinburne we embrace diversity, and believe it is important to provide support for students from a wide variety of backgrounds and life experiences including those from rural and remote Australia. We recognise that young people from rural and remote Australia face barriers and obstacles in being able to access further education.

Swinburne University has been pleased to partner with CEF over the past three years to assist students to aspire to and access further education opportunities.”

Vera SmiljanicEquity Project Officer Swinburne University of Technology - CEF Partner

In 25 years the Country Education Foundation of Australia has positively impacted on the lives of almost 5000 young people from rural and regional areas

“I found the CEF experience valuable during periods of severe drought when my parents’ farming business was financially impacted. This scholarship allowed me to partake in my studies without adding further financial strain on my parents during this challenging time.”

James Scott, Edward River CEF 2010-2011

“I feel very grateful to have received a grant, and I believe regional school leavers deserve to be supported to access further education. CEF is invaluable for supporting school leavers to gain further education that may otherwise have been unattainable.”

Ellen Curtis, Harden CEF 2005-2006





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