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“I know without this scholarship I might not have actually been able to afford to live on campus, or live in Melbourne.”

For first year radiology and medical imaging student, Isabella De Francheschi, leaving her hometown of Broken Hill has been an overwhelming experience, but one she has had time to embrace and settle into with the help of the $10,000 Eureka Scholarship*.

“I’m loving it so far. The work load is difficult, but I’m handling it really well. I’m interested in what I’m learning and my marks are showing that,” Isabella said with honesty, and enthusiasm.

Based at the Clayton campus of Melbourne’s Monash University, Isabella said having the time to find her feet, and not work in her first few months was invaluable.

“I can’t even begin to explain how much the scholarship has been helping. I can’t imagine if I had to be working, I think I would honestly be struggling with my course especially since I have not experienced university before.”

She said the scholarship has not only enabled her to focus on her coursework and assessments, but also find friends and concentrate on her new life in the city.

“The scholarship has definitely helped my life balance, it’s enabled me to have that time to study and do my assignments instead of working. But I’ve also just moved to a new city, I don’t really know anyone here so having that time outside of not working and studying has enabled me to make some really good friends, do activities, explore the city a little bit, which has helped my mental wellbeing as well. A lot.

“If I was just working and studying, and working and studying I’d be really stressed out and not very happy.”

Isabella has nothing but praise for CEF’s work and the opportunities it gives country kids.

“It enables people to actually to go to university. In many rural places there aren’t universities that actually offer the courses that people want to do. It enables us to start our lives in a new place. It relieves that pressure, it allows us to do better in everything. It gives us good opportunities. It’s definitely worthwhile.”

*The Eureka Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship granted to first year students from the Broken Hill region administered by CEF. It is awarded to two students a year. For more information about our scholarships or to donate go to www.cef.org.au


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