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Student stories: postcard from the operating theatre!

By January 4, 2017January 19th, 2021No Comments

We love receiving student stories here at CEF. It reminds us just how important the work we do is.

With help from the local CEF in Macleay Valley Chiara Moore is on her way to becoming a nurse.

Macleay Valley local foundation founder and volunteer Terry Witchard says that the best part of being involved with CEF is the letters and updates he receives from students. After reading this email Chiara sent him, we can see why.


Chiara snapped a quick selfie in scrubs on her latest nursing placement.

“Hey Terry!
How are you?
Naturally, as I’m studying for exams, I’m also seeking any opportunity to procrastinate! So I decided I’d pop you a message!

Sorry¬†I haven’t been in touch recently! I’ve had two lots of placement in the past two months and with the combined craziness of finishing off assessments for the semester and crazily studying for the upcoming exams, I’ve hardly had time to shower – I kid ;).

Amongst all the craziness though I’m thoroughly¬†enjoying the uni experience, I’ve also loved my course and all my placements have been incredible (some more incredible than others).

I’ve attached a photo of me just after coming out of the operating theatre. I was on my surgical placement in the Women’s health unit at Nepean private hospital in Penrith and had the amazing opportunity to watch someone having a C-section, I loved every moment.

Thanks again for all your support,

Chiara Moore”

You can help more young Australian’s like Chiara on their way to further education and training by donating to Country Education Foundation.