The 2018 CEF

University Survival Guide

Way to go on getting into uni! Clearly, you are super smart but there’s still some stuff you might not know about being a university student for the first time. That’s okay, CEF has got your back. Get your uni life off to a great start with our ultimate 2018 University Survival Guide. From finding accommodation to part-time work, accessing free health services or sourcing cheap textbooks, the 2018 University Survival Guide has it all to help make the transition from home life to uni life a smooth one. The guide is right here online whenever you need it. Have fun!

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THE 2018

Scholarships Guide

Ready to take the next step in your education but wondering how you will afford to pay for your degree? CEF’s Scholarship Guide has all the tips you need to apply for financial assistance to help get you on your way… Each year thousands of scholarships are awarded to students all over to Australia to help ease the financial costs of higher education and training. Scholarships, grants and bursaries can help you get started on your dream to become a plumber, doctor, teacher, builder or astronomer. The sky’s the limit when you get the support you need for further study and training.

The Scholarship Guide

Student Discounts, Tips and Travel

 There are lots of discounts for students out there. The following are great sources for cheap deals:

Make your mark

Discover your future and live the kind of life you want through further education. Further education is for everyone. This is a fantastic website that has been put together for students, parents, teachers and anyone interested in further education. Have a look here:

Student VIP

StudentVIP is an Australian university student website, providing students with access to a secondhand textbook market, tutors, subject ratings, reviews, discounts and more.

Student Edge

Get discounts on big brands like Microsoft, Booktopia, Optus, Apple & Dell. Find information about jobs, internships, events and wellbeing.


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