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Two Teach – Breaking stigmas and barriers to education

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Two Teach is a project of passion for two regionally born and raised teachers. Their company provides preliminary and trial HSC examination resources to teachers. Both ladies have more than 25 years combined classroom experience, most recently as head teachers.

They believe that a students’ background or location shouldn’t impede their access to education, and they should be equipped with the skills to power their destiny.

CEF is proud to be Two Teach’s charity partner. For every resource sold, they donate $1 to our cause.


“Our lives have run parallel to one another for some time which all started when fate brought us together in our first teaching jobs. We shared the same determination, passion and dedication which soon grew beyond the classroom and aided in our pursuit of head teacher roles.

“Looking at our careers, one of the things that has kept us going each day has been the diverse range of students who have crossed our paths. Many with a story to tell and many from low socioeconomic backgrounds. This is where our passion for helping others was ignited.”


“We have a broad range of examination packages across a wide range of curriculum areas. These examination resources are more than an exam and that is what we pride ourselves on.

“We are about all the facets of the examination process and the people involved. We aim to have a quality product, empower teachers and strengthen students’ results post exam.”


Two Teach was formed from drive, passion and determination. There wasn’t anything on the market quite like this.

“Our students and colleagues have always been at the core of what we do and what we believe in. We have been surrounded by the most amazing educators in our time and we wanted a way to empower those around us.

“We, being head teachers understand the complexities of this job and we wanted to provide a package that did it all. From the way in which the examination has been written, to the detailing in marking rubrics, to the post examination activities that enable students to build on the feedback provided by their teacher.”

These resources aim to equip students for the HSC, even in the ability to tailor the exam to the schools’ needs. Everything we wanted and felt was missing in examinations currently on the market, we have put into these resources.


“Having both grown up in regional areas, access to resources and education for all has been a strong focus for us. We believe in education for everyone and believe that all students have the right to shine.

“We have seen the incredible job and success stories made possible by CEF and we wanted a charity with real people and real results. One that we could form a partnership with and contribute to the wonderful work. Watching what the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown towards rural and regional communities this year, we are so glad that we were able to make this work.”


What a year to start a business! We knew that this project would take an enormous amount of will and determination; we had no idea that a global pandemic was on its way to test this further. Every corner we turn there is something new to learn and we are learning a lot about ourselves in the process. We hope to look back on this day and this year and know that the growth we experience is due to the tenacity and dedication we had – to taking that leap when we did. We know all good things take time and we are growing everyday.


Favourite place for coffee?
Our mornings are never without one of life’s necessities – coffee. Anywhere that recharges us with the combination of a quality coffee bean, friendly service and a smile!

Last book you read?
As a mum of two small children trying to balance a career and family life, things are pretty busy these days. I can’t honestly remember the last time I was able to pick up a book that wasn’t about The Wiggles, Peppa Pig or some other much-loved children’s book character. As the other half of Two Teach the only time I find I get the chance to pick up a book is in the Christmas holidays when my break away from school isn’t totally consumed with marking, planning, report writing etc. ‘Elanor Oliphant is completely fine’ was last Christmas’ book of choice..

Fantasy dinner party… if you could start a study group with any five people, dead or alive, who would they be?
The last couple of months have taught us to never take this for granted. We would once dream of celebrities to sit around our table. Now it would be close family and friends. For it’s those who you miss most, that you feel the most whole.

City or country?
The city has held us both captive for quite some time and there is so much that this place has to offer. Sitting in traffic and long days at work have us longing for that fresh country air, wide open spaces and a slower pace of life. There is so much that both have to give. We seem to miss one when we’re with the other.

How would you spend your last $10?
The best quality sparkling wine or Pinot Noir $10 can buy!


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