How do we do it/how does CEF work?

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CEF provides this financial support through community-based grants and scholarships.

CEF raises funds through a community-based model. Each committee services a community, and raises fund within their own community for their own youth.

The committee is charged with opening applications, interviewing applicants, and deciding who needs the most help.

Each successful  recipient is allocated a certain amount of money – this can be $500 or it can be $10,000. It varies from applicant to applicant.

Local CEF committees look for a youth who needs the money and will use it to the best of their advantage, whether it be rent, textbooks, tools, travel expenses etc.

Recipients must provide proof of what the money is being used for. This is done by reimbursing the recipient, rather than the recipient receiving the money in one lump sum. This allows CEF to monitor and track how the generously donated funds are used, and to make a recipient’s educational and training needs are met.

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