What does the National Office do?

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THE CEF National office supports local CEF committees with grant allocations, funding and reporting.

National office also provides a national voice on education, training and careers advocacy for rural and regional students.

National office works with existing educational partners such as universities to obtain more funding and services for CEF recipients attending those universities. Our education partners also help CEF create networks for future students, through programs like a university experience. University partners also help CEF produce two resources – the University Survival Guide and the Scholarships Guide.

Corporate partnerships are also sought by national office. These corporate relationships add to scholarship funding, fund the running costs of national office and create valuable networks in mentoring and resource attainment.

National office obtains Management (Directors and Officers) liability and Public liability insurance for committees.

National office maintains Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status enabling donors using the website or directly sending donations to National office to obtain a tax deduction for their gift.

National office obtains legal and accounting advice to ensure policies, constitutions, etc are up to date for the CEF network.

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