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University of Sydney Early Offer Year 12 (E12) Scheme

The University of Sydney E12 Scheme helps ease the financial pressure in your first year of study. If you are successful in your application, you will receive a conditional offer before the HSC exams even finish and benefit from a $5950 scholarship in your first year.

You’ll have a confirmed place when results are released providing you meet some conditions, such as the E12 ATAR (lower than the guaranteed ATAR) and HSC subject requirements for your preferred course.


To be eligible for E12, you need to be;

You will also need to be;

  • A domestic student (international students are not eligible)
  • Undertaking the HSC
  • Supported by your school principal
  • Meet any additional criteria
  • Meet the university’s mathematics prerequisite

What you receive

  • An early conditional offer in mid November
  • A formal offer in the main round (providing you meet the requirements)
  • A $5950 first year scholarship
  • Support through your transition from school to the university
  • Eligibility to apply for additional accommodation scholarships

How to apply

An ATAR score may not always reflect your ability to do well at university. The E12 application is your chance to show what makes you unique.

Community involvement and activities outside of school tell just as much about you as your exam results, so ensure that share this in your E12 application. Your application for E12 is your opportunity to tell more about yourself and what motivates you.

April – May

June – July

  • Speak to your principal or careers adviser about applying for E12
  • Prepare your application by drafting answers to these three questions

August -September

  • Submit a School Recommendations Scheme (SRS) application via UAC
  • Ensure that you upload your E12 supporting document (the three application questions you drafted) into SRS portal
  • Note: Applications for E12 close on 20 September 2020


  • Sit your HSC exams and wait for the results!

Draft your application questions

Find an
E12 Course

Submit application via UAC