Volunteer feedback – mentoring and community support

As you know, the students you support value financial assistance and also the community support and mentoring you provide them. We would love to hear how you mentor your students (whether it be formally or informally) and how you think we, as a national organisation could better include mentoring as a part of our regular activities.

  • If you would prefer to stay anonymous, that is quite alright this is not a required field!
  • Which CEF local foundation are you a member of?
  • Please provide details of how you support your students other than financially, for example mentoring? Is this successful?
  • We value your input and feedback, and are very interested to hear your thoughts and ideas as to how we can improve the way we assist you to support your students.
  • Please select the statement/s below that best apply to your foundation. You can select more than one option.
  • If you have any other measure you prioritise (aside from the four CEF requirements) when assessing applications you feel may be relevant, please let us know here.
  • Please fell free to add any additional comments or ideas that are not covered in this form.