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We’re leading the way for national approach to rural, regional and remote education

By May 31, 2018December 19th, 2018No Comments

Government response suggests the
Country Education Foundation’s approach is just the ticket

The Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) welcomes the federal government’s positive response to the Independent Review into Regional, Rural and Remote Education (IRRRRE) and is gratified the government is supportive of all 11 recommendations by Emeritus Professor Dr John Halsey.

CEF’s work for the past 25 years has made contributions to enhancing access, outcomes and opportunities for young regional Australians, and it is excited by, and prepared for, the conversations surrounding the establishment of a national focus called for in Recommendation 11 of the report.

One way CEF is already gathering evidence to support this national approach is via its alumni project. CEF’s recent work engaging with its almost 5000 beneficiaries allows CEF to provide qualitative and quantitative data to inform a whole-of-sector discussion around the importance of a national and collaborative approach to creating greater equity in education and workforce participation. It also helps CEF gauge the value of community encouragement and financial assistance to students who otherwise may not have been able to accept a spot at university or take on an apprenticeship.

“Our alumni project indicates we have promoted and enhanced the education and training of today’s next generation of leaders in communities across Australia. It suggests that when you take a national and collaborative approach you can impact the development of young lives and their communities in a very real way,” CEF CEO Wendy Cohen said.

Ms Cohen also said CEF’s purpose of helping young people from the country to access education and training is solid and increasingly relevant as indicated by both the IRRRRE report and the government’s response.

“The government’s validation of Professor Halsey’s report suggests CEF’s established approach and community-based model is just the ticket to helping country students and their communities develop and succeed.”

“Our work providing financial assistance to school leavers to transition into uni, training and jobs, backed by community support and belief, is intrinsic to why the Country Education Foundation has been able to stand the test of time. We, and our communities, believe in investing in young people’s futures. We know these investments pay dividends, not for us but for students and the communities they live in.”

CEF looks forward to working with the community, partners and government to see the recommendations included in the report brought to fruition.

“It’s the vision of CEF that we use the power of local communities, combined with government, philanthropists, educators and industry leaders to take on the challenge of creating a level playing field for all young Australian’s together,” Ms Cohen said.

To download our press release: Government-response-to-IRRRRE-suggests-CEFs-approach-just-the-ticket_PRESS-RELEASE


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