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We need your help! 

CEF is creating a ‘Make it Possible’ Rural and Regional Inspiration Hub. The resource will compliment the Scholarships Guide and USG and is designed to broaden aspirations and provide all the information and tools that inspire and inform further education decision making for rural and regional students. With the local knowledge of your students, we would love your input to make this possible!

Please follow this link to preview the resource, have a look around and then come back and give us your feedback. https://cef.org.au/make-it-possible/

The resource is being developed by CEF, education partner Macquarie University (MQU) and other relevant stakeholders. 

  • Consider the usability, information, layout and content of the site.
  • When thinking about how to distribute this resource to your local students and youth - how would you do so and what tools would you require?