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Our foundations

We have a network of over 40 local Country Education Foundations (CEFs) across Australia, all assisting their school-leavers to access further education and training – and investing in the future of their rural and regional communities.

The disadvantage of distance

However, the reality is that to shape a career or undertake further education, these young Australians must often leave home, travel and live in or closer to metropolitan centres.

For many of them the financial, emotional and social obstacles are just too great and they are unable to leave home to take up further education or jobs.

How CEF works

CEF has more than 40 local foundations across the country working to support young school leavers to achieve their study and career aspirations. Our local foundations are run by groups of volunteers passionate about helping rural and regional young people to achieve their dreams.

Since 1993 the CEF family has grown to incorporate a number of local foundations, all with their own names which are unique to their local area, names of current and previous foundations can be found HERE.

Young Australians living in rural and regional areas are as bright and ambitious as those living in Australia’s major metropolitan centres