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Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) is proud of our work supporting regional and rural youth. This means we are open about sharing information that details our impact, governance, projects and financials, and believe that this transparency is important for maintaining the trust of our partners.

Our Strategy

We believe it’s important to plan ahead. CEF is current finalising our new Strategic Plan which will set out our organisational vision for the coming years and succinctly state what we do, why we do it, and how we can do it better to have even more impact.

We look forward to sharing our vision with you shortly!

CEF Past Strategic Plan

2017 – 2022 Strategic Plan

Our Impact

Each year we publish a brief report on the impact that CEF has in delivering support to young people in the country. This provides a useful snapshot of the reach and results that flow from the generosity of our donors and partners.

Annual Reviews

In order to improve, it’s essential that as an organisation we pause and reflect on our challenges and successes. Our annual review contains information on the results of our work, as well as reports from our Chairman and CEO.


As part of our commitment to financial transparency, we publish our annual audited financial statements which give details on how we are tracking, including information on assets, revenue and expenditure.

Support us

Our important work relies on corporate and private philanthropy and donations.

You can directly contribute to the futures of young Australians by making a tax deductible donation