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Leave a Gift in your Will

Your generosity could make all the difference to a young person living in rural and regional area that will struggle to obtain the level of education and training they desire. Leaving a gift in your will is greatly appreciated by the Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) and it will make a significant contribution to helping us change the lives of many across Australia.

How your gift can support CEF

Gifts in wills are usually directed to CEF for use at its discretion. Such unencumbered gifts allow CEF the flexibility to use donations in areas of particular need, making your gift and especially valuable contribution to the long-term planning of CEF.

If you have particular requests as to how you would like your gift to be used, please contact the team at CEF to discuss, and we can work together to ensure that your gift is used in a way that meets your wishes.

The gift can take the form of:

  • the residue of the estate
  • a percentage of the estate
  • a specific amount of money
  • a life insurance or superannuation policy
  • assets such as shares, property, works of art, jewellery
  • an investment in perpetuity

The name of the organisation is:

Country Education Foundation of Australia Ltd
ACN 103 889 452
ABN 60 103 889 452

The Country Education Foundation of Australia is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC).

The Foundation is endorsed as a deductible gift recipient (DGR1) by the ATO as the organisation is listed by name under the provisions of item 2.2.31 of the table in section 30-25(2) of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 (ITAA 1997).

“Not only has this CEF grant helped me to buy a much needed new computer, but it has also been a source of great comfort and support. It has given me peace of mind in a new place with new people. Knowing there is a group of people and a massive community backing me up along the way and through the hard times is so reassuring.”

Mikayla McGuirk-ScolaroTemora grant recipient, 2019

CEF is a proud supporter and member of Include a Charity.

Include a Charity is a social change campaign of Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA).
The campaign is to encourage more Australians, just like you, to leave  gifts in their Wills to the charities they support.
They do this through campaigning, research, networking, training and advocacy, with the aim of creating conversation about gifts in Wills between clients and professionals, and raising the profile of the importance of such lasting legacies for charities.
You can find more information about how to leave a gift in your will and finding professional assistance here.

Suggested wording for your will

To make the process easier, here’s some suggested wording and our organisational details. You can take this to your solicitor or directly write this into your will if you are managing it yourself.

Suggested wording:

“I give to the Country Education Foundation of Australia (ACN 103 889 452) (“CEF”)

  • $ ________________  (a specific sum of money);


  •    ________________  (a specific asset);


  •    ________________  percentage (%) of the residue of my estate;


  •    ________________  the rest of the residue of my estate;

My gift is to be used for the general purposes of the Country Education Foundation of Australia.

I declare that the receipt of the Executive Officer or other proper officer of the CEF shall be a complete discharge of my bequest.”


Many people choose to leave a gift to a charity close to their heart in their will. If you have included CEF in your will, or would like to know more, please fill out the below form and a friendly member of our staff will be in touch.

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Our gifts in wills form

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” Sow the seeds of success for rural and regional youth with your legacy “

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