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You have been identified as a potential candidate for a CEF Extra National Scholarship. To be considered for this scholarship we need you to complete the following questions.

CEF Extra National Scholarship Submission

  • Which scholarship have you been nominated for?
  • Which is your local foundation
  • Let us know which university or other education provider you plan to attend.
  • Please include the field of study and also the level of study. e.g. Bachelor of Engineering, Cert IV in Building and Construction, Diploma.
  • Please demonstrate through your study and interests why you would be a worthy recipient of this scholarship.
  • Please expand on the responses from your local grant application describing your current circumstances (e.g. financial, family and social) and how this scholarship will benefit you.
  • We have many fantastic applicants and limited scholarships available. Here is your chance to tell us why you would be a great recipient. Think about the following and things you have done that can demonstrate these: Leadership skills, community engagement and your achievements. Be proud and loud - sell yourself!
  • Think big! If all goes to plan for you, where do you want to be and what do your want to be doing with the education you have obtained? What impact do you ant to have in the future? The sky is the limit!