University of Technology Sydney

UTS is a dynamic and cosmopolitan university that marks the gateway to Sydney – Australia’s economic, multicultural and creative global city.

UTS has a singular vision – to be a world-leading university of technology. To achieve this, our leadership in learning and teaching is coupled with an inquiry-based approach to research, and a world-class infrastructure that supports our vibrant intellectual environment. The achievement of our vision relies on attracting high quality students, academics, researchers and administrators; people who are passionate about knowledge, learning, discovery and creativity.

UTS excels in many academic and professional areas. We have a friendly, collaborative and equitable culture, and a strong commitment to our local and global communities.

How the UTS & CEF partnership works

UTS’s commitment to helping greater numbers of rural youth achieve their tertiary goals is demonstrated by their education partnership with CEF.

To support those rural students who receive grants from their local education foundations, UTS provides additional financial assistance.

Eligiblity for co-funding from UTS is based on the following criteria:

  • Co-funding is only available to students who have received grants from their local Education Foundations and who are currently studying full-time at UTS as undergraduates
  • First year students will be given co-funding priority. Any funds remaining after the distribution to first year students will be distributed among students in second, third and fourth year studies.
  • Students will receive a dollar-for-dollar grant match unless the total of the grants of all CEF students at UTS in a particular year is greater than the UTS’s annual allocation. If the annual limit is exceeded, CEF will pro-rata the grants and cap co-funding at $1,500.

UTS assistance to rural students

UTS students are able to access a variety of scholarships and grants. These are not limited to CEF students – all students are welcome to apply according to the selection criteria.

You can search for UTS grants and scholarships for rural students by using the search tool on the following UTS website –

Rural students attending a Priority School or Country Areas Program school are eligible for the inpUTS Educational Access Scheme which provides students with a 10 ATAR concession on the standard ATAR entry to a UTS course, see for more information about how to apply.

For further information on UTS, please visit the following websites:


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