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We need your help and feedback!


This year we created ‘Make it Possible’, an online resource for regional and rural students just like you. We want the site to have all the relevant information, resources, tools, links and content to inspire and inform decision making about studying after school for you and our communities.

Now that you have checked out the Make It Possible hub, all you need to do answer the short survey below:

Pretty please 😃

  • This could be TAFE, an apprenticeship, university or any other study/qualification.
  • Was it easy to find things? Is the information useful? How did it help? Examples please 😀
  • Let us know 🙂
  • How good was this hub at showing you different ways that you could start university, apprenticeships or TAFE? e.g. It's not all about your ATAR.
  • Be honest, you wont hurt our feelings!
  • If you have not seen any of these yet, head to the videos section of the hub. They are short we promise!!
  • We want to know 🙂 it's all about making it useful for you.