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Broken Hill Scholarship recipient Cooper at university in Bathurst

As soon as he was notified of receiving a scholarship, Cooper made contact with us to find out how he could promote CEF and advocate for teaching in regional areas.  Speaking with him, he is intelligent, friendly and enthusiastic – a young man already so committed to this cause. It is exciting to imagine what he will achieve in the coming years.
Below, Cooper explains for us why he wants to become a teacher.

I believe education opportunities should be equal and obtainable for all.
It shouldn’t matter where you live.
Every child

deserves a wonderful education.

My name is Cooper Wielozynski and I graduated from Broken Hill High School, with my HSC in 2022.

I was accepted into Charles Sturt University in Bathurst to pursue a Bachelor of Education and have just moved and commenced my studies.

I grew up in Broken Hill and truly understand the outcome of a lack of teachers.

I am just a young student who’s seen it first hand and now wants to jump in the deep end and try to do my part to raise awareness. I want to inspire the next generation, hence doing a teaching degree.

I have experienced merged classes and watched a lot of teachers leave. This happened during my senior years of schooling which were the  important years. I strongly believe there needs to be more information out there about what is really happening, especially in rural areas.

I have seen the good and bad of the school experiences and the outcome of such things as bullying and the cruelty social media brings and strive to make it a better environment for all children. School should be a happy place, a place of safety, something a lot of children might strive for, depending on their living situation.

I have seen the amazing impact positive teachers who provide guidance and advice can have on a child’s education.

I am thoroughly looking forward to studying and becoming a teacher.
I have had wonderful role models. These people have encouraged and helped me work towards my goal of becoming a teacher.

Two teachers in particular have had a tremendous influence on me.

Mr Jason Bradley has inspired me immensely. He is a person who is passionate about his colleagues and students. An extremely knowledgeable teacher who is always helpful and willing to assist and give advice, both to staff and students.

Miss Sarah Gillespie has helped shape who I am today. She has shown me what effort and putting 100% into her job looks like. Sarah gives me such motivation in becoming a teacher in a rural school.

Upon completing my studies, I hope to return to Broken Hill to give back to my local community and everyone that helped me achieve my goals throughout my schooling years.

I look forward to becoming a teacher and being a role model for future teachers. It shouldn’t matter where you live, every child deserves a wonderful education.

One important thing people need to remember is to be thankful for the education available to them because some people aren’t as fortunate. All you have to do is your best and look at the opportunity you’ve been given.

I truly believe with the help I am receiving, I will always continue to try my best to inspire others to pursue a teaching degree and to give back, and help with the shortage of teachers willing to live and work remotely.

Cooper is one of three Broken Hill University Scholarship recipients for 2023:

  • Cooper Wielozynski – Bachelor of Education, Charles Sturt University
  • Campbell Quintrell – Bachelor of Communications and Media (International Relations), University of Wollongong
  • Elle Joy Yamomo – Bachelor of Exercise Science, University of Wollongong

They join a growing list of students from the region who have been able to pursue tertiary education thanks to longstanding CEF supporters:

  • The McLean Foundation (Rob and Paula McLean)
  • Eureka Benevolent Foundation (The family Foundation of Roger Massy-Greene and Belinda Hutchinson)
  • The Zagora Foundation (Leigh and Sue Clifford)

With strong connections to the Far West NSW region, these families are committed to providing continued support to students from the region looking to attend university. Their dedication to improving education outcomes for our regional youth and the belief in CEF to support students during their journey is unwavering.


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