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Balance like a boss

By February 13, 2018February 15th, 2018No Comments


I’m the first to admit that my study/work/play balance isn’t the most amazing, but I’ve been doing this for a year so maybe some of my insight will be useful. Basically, I believe that different things work for different people.

First, figure out what type of job roster works for you best. I prefer shorter shifts, about 5 hours, because that means that I can come back home and still have some energy to study. Others might prefer longer shifts, because that means that they might only have to come into work once a week; one of my friends frequently does 12 hours shifts (I have no idea how she does it) but that’s what suits her studying patterns best.

Second, give yourself deadlines for doing your readings. If you don’t do them, you’ll always think that you’ll catch up later, until it’s the week before exams and you’ve got a semester’s worth of readings to do.

Last, social things are very, very, very important for your mental health, and a good headspace is very important if you want to be able to produce good work, remember things, and get good marks. Even if exams are coming up, make sure to find time to hang out with your friends.

When it comes to going out, a lot of uni students do it perhaps a bit too much (me included) but you can have a night out from time to time. Just make sure that it’s not the night before you’ve got an assignment due, or two nights before you’ve got an assignment due if you’re intending to go hard that night (you don’t want to be writing an important essay hungover, I’ve been there).

PS – don’t go to social events you’re sure you’re not going to enjoy.


Agata Nabaglo is studying arts and law at the Australian National University. She calls the Goulburn region home.



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