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In the paddocks and across the ditch for Dr Chelsea

By January 11, 2021April 19th, 2021No Comments

The daughter of a nurse and a police officer from Mount Torrens in South Australia, Chelsea always knew she wanted to work and travel and says it’s one of the reasons she chose to study Veterinary Science.

Local Foundation:
Torrens Valley Country Education Fund, South Australia

Bachelor of Veterinary Bioscience/Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

University of Adelaide


After finishing six long years of study at the University of Adelaide in 2015 to obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Chelsea moved to rural South Australia and worked in mixed animal practice.

In 2019 she spent some time working in Fiji before settling in New Zealand, where she spends her days ‘working with production animals in sunny Southland,’ located on the South Island.

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic presented some challenges like adapting to telemedicine, but Chelsea acknowledges that she works for a great business and was fortunate to keep her job during this period. She was forced to cancel a working trip to the UK and Europe, but was free to travel around her own ‘backyard in New Zealand which is amazing, so can’t complain!’

One of the hardest parts (of COVID) I found was not being able to shake a farmer’s hand!


The support received from her local CEF in Torrens Valley was ‘so important’ as it enabled Chelsea to go to university.

Veterinary studies have extremely high course fees, not all of which are covered by government assistance (HECS), and there are also significant costs associated with the required clinical placements, a struggle many students doing courses with practical requirements face.

While she doesn’t recall any specific challenges of the time, Chelsea displays true country qualities, saying ‘I tend to just get on with it.’

Life has taken Chelsea far from her days of CEF support, but she certainly has not forgotten the importance of the organisation.

She reads the newsletters and keeps up with social media but admits she hasn’t kept in contact over the years and would love to re-engage with CEF saying, ‘I do consider it very important to stay connected and help other rural and regional school leavers.’

CEF not only provides financial assistance but also great contacts including the Alumni database. You never know when you might need some help.

Best playlist for concentrating?
Country music but, honestly, I end up singing so maybe not ideal for concentrating 😊

Favourite place for coffee?
Most definitely Café Melzar in Mount Gambier. I always look forward to calling in when I go back

Last book you read?
Beccy Cole’s autobiography. I picked it up in an Op Shop in Hobart last year and it was so good

Fantasy study group?
Knowing me, I wouldn’t organise a study group, probably just a party. I’d fly my best mates from across the world to me

How would you spend your last $10?
At the pub, drinking a pint and meeting the locals


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