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Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) and MH Premium Farms are excited to announce their 2023 scholarship recipient, Deniliquin’s Matthew Moorse. He is the third recipient of the Scholarship, which he will put towards his studies in an industry that will enable him to do the two things he enjoys most – working on a farm and being outside.

Local Foundation:
CEF Edward River

Course Studying:
Bachelor of Agriculture

Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga

Matthew began his studies after taking a gap year in 2022 which saw him work as a landscaper in Echuca, then relocate to Broome, to work  in his uncle’s air conditioning business, before moving back to Deniliquin to work on a cattle farm. He is now in his first year of a Bachelor of Agriculture at Charles Sturt University’s Wagga Wagga campus.

Matthew was awarded a $500 grant by his local foundation, CEF Edward River, to help with study costs, before being awarded the MH Premium Farms Scholarship. “This support will help me through my Ag degree and set me up for success.”

I’d like to thank both organisations for the support they are willing to give me through the MH Premium Farms-CEF Scholarship.

Matthew Moorse

Matthew said his funding had primarily helped him cover his on-campus accommodation costs, which is approximately $8000 per year. “It helps me pay for my accommodation as it is my largest expense,” he said. “In doing so it has taken the pressure off trying to find a job right away and allows me to continue using the money I earned during my gap year.”

He said CEF Edward River had been a great support for him so far, and Foundation Chair Mardi Chartres said the committee wished Matthew the best in his studies. “Although Matthew did not grow up on the land, he has chosen a pathway that works to his strengths and passion,” she said. “Matthew demonstrates a true commitment to working within the rural industry and we wish him every success with his endeavours.”

MH Premium Farms CEO, Ed Dunn, said the company partnered with CEF to give a chance to students who were unable to afford to study agriculture. “We want to help young people that don’t have the capacity to study agriculture, give good young students a go, and allow them to contribute to the industry,” he said.

We’re very pleased to work with CEF, which has a great network of local committees, and does a great job in administering the scholarship and finding good candidates with a need.

MH Premium Farms CEO Ed Dunn

The MH Premium Farms Scholarship is part of the CEF Extra program, which provides additional support to eligible students who have already been awarded grant funding by their local CEF foundation. As the name suggests, scholarships offered through the program offer ‘extra’ opportunities to students, and MH Premium Farms offers work experience to successful recipients wherever possible. Financially, each recipient receives up to $17,000 across a maximum of four years, which they can put towards costs associated with tertiary or vocational studies in agriculture.

MH Premium Farms is the trading name of the MHPF group of companies, all operating and managed in Australia. MH Premium Farms (MHPF) is owned by Lord Michael Hintze.  Since 2007 MH Premium Farms has acquired a range of properties across Eastern Australia. The company is committed to being a leading producer and an employer of first choice within the industry.

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