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Successfully Navigating the Path to University

By February 11, 2016August 31st, 2017No Comments

The Country Education Foundation wishes first year university students all the best as they embark on O-Week.

Country_Education_Foundation_2016_University_Survival_GuideStarting university is a huge milestone in any student’s life.

But for regional and rural students the extra financial and geographic pressures can overshadow the excitement.

The Country Education Foundation’s 2016 University Survival Guide is a practical resource that makes heading off to uni a rewarding adventure for all students.

From financial support, to study hints and tips, to accommodation options; the guide is full of information to help students and parents successfully navigate and enjoy the transition to the big, wide world of further study.

The CEF has been overwhelmed with the positive feedback from students, education partners and parents.

Students have been telling us how much they appreciate having all this advice in one handy guide. One student was super excited to find out he could get a student discount card and another told us she was downloading the Lost on Campus app right away.

We’ve also had calls and emails from parents who said it makes them feel a lot more comfortable knowing what to expect when their children head off to uni.

The CEF University Survival Guide is just one of the ways we support students beyond grants and scholarships.

It’s important to us that all students are supported in achieving their higher education goals. And providing a guide to answer all those first year questions is one way we can help.

The guide was put together by students, parents and professionals.

It’s got some great “been there, done that” real life tips from former students. There’s also some fantastic contact lists to put students in touch with helpful people, from legal advisors to mental health professionals.

This essential toolkit for students has been made possible by support from Griffith University and the Origin Foundation.

The guide is available for FREE on the CEF website.

For more information on the 2016 University Survival Guide please email [email protected].