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A scholarship can help you get on your way to achieving your further study dreams by covering the costs of textbooks, course fees, equipment, accommodation and living costs.

Scholarships are not just about money either – the application process will give you vital skills that will transfer when it comes to applying for jobs and will make you a great candidate. Another thing you will gain from a successful scholarship application is confidence. The knowledge that a panel of people believe in your skills and ability will drive you for years.

Search and apply for scholarships right here with CEF’s Scholarships Guide. And remember, you’ll never know if you don’t give it a go!

Search Results

*The information displayed  is accurate as of September 2022 and may be subject to change. To access the most up to date and relevant information about available scholarships, please follow the links provides for each listing.

1968 Singapore Colombo Plan Students Scholarship

New South Wales (NSW) | University of Newcastle (UON)
Details: 2nd year undergraduate, engineering program, eudactional disavantage, GPA requirement
Amount & Duration: Up to 2 years, $8,000 maximum

A & K Gestier Veterinary Scholarship

New South Wales (NSW) | Charles Sturt University (CSU)
Details: Applicant to be from a rural location Applicant should also provide details of genuine need for financial assistance by completing the Hardship section of the online application.
Amount & Duration: $3000, One year

A.E. and F.A.Q. Stephens Scholarship

New South Wales (NSW) | University of Sydney (USyd)
Details: This scholarship aims to support the University’s highest ranked applicant for the RTP Stipend Scholarship or University of Sydney Postgraduate Award (UPA).
Amount & Duration: Refer to website

A.J. Shearsby Prize

New South Wales (NSW) | University of Sydney (USyd)
Details: $150 scholarship to support undergraduate students enrolled in geology units in their first year of studies.
Amount & Duration: $150

Abedian Foundation Brighter Futures Scholarship

Queensland (QLD) | Griffith University
Details: Awarded to continuing students enrolled in a program at the Gold Coast campus who have experienced financial hardship and/or educational disadvantage that has impacted their ability to achieve their full potential.
Amount & Duration: $5000,1 year

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship

New South Wales (NSW) | University of Newcastle (UON)
Details: Aboriginal /Torres Strait Islander, Undergraduate, full-time, ATAR/grades requirement
Amount & Duration: Up to 4 years, $40,000 maximum

Aboud Scholarship

New South Wales (NSW) | University of Sydney (USyd)
Details: This scholarship supports residents of rural areas or Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students undergoing financial hardship.
Amount & Duration: $10000, one year only

Academic Achievement Award (AAA)

New South Wales (NSW) | University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Details: These Awards are provided to encourage academically gifted local Higher School Certificate (HSC) or equivalent students from NSW and ACT high schools to undertake undergraduate study at UNSW. The AAA cannot be held in conjunction with a UNSW Scientia Scholarship.
Amount & Duration: $5,000 for 1 year


Queensland (QLD) | Griffith University
Details: Bursary for high-achieving students who want to study or who are studying within the area of information technology.
Amount & Duration: $3000,1 trimester

Access for First Year Undergraduates

Victoria (VIC) | University of Canberra (UC)
Details: Commencing undergraduate student demonstrating financial and/or personal hardship and has relocate from rural/regional to study
Amount & Duration: $5,000, one year