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Country kids thrive at Swinburne open day

By August 17, 2017January 19th, 2021No Comments

At the end of July CEF took six country kids to Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne for its open day. This was the first time in a few years that CEF has been able to undertake this sort of trip – this was only possible due to Swinburne’s generous funding for this excursion.

The six students – from Kempsey and Yass – took up the offer after their local foundations contacted their high schools.


The four boys and two girls were engaged, enthusiastic and motivated by what Swinburne displayed. The students had a wide variety of interests – from psychology to linguistics, virtual reality to game development. Each student was able to check course offerings at the Hawthorn campus, along with the on-campus accommodation.

While at Swinburne current CEF recipient Kiernan Moore was able to meet up with us and chat to the students, telling them about life at uni. Thank you Kiernan for making the time to see us, we wish you continued success at uni! Kiernan is from Kempsey and in his first year of study at Swinburne.

CEF national office would also like to send a big thank you to Terry Witchard of Macleay Valley CEF for the time and effort he took in co-ordinating this trip, your efforts are appreciated.

Feedback from the Year 12 students was positive, and CEF is pleased the students got so much out of the experience. Here is some of what they said:

From Cody, Kempsey –

“I found the Japanese, Chinese and Italian lecture really informative for my own interests. They explained the layout of the course and the way the course is ran in an easy to understand manner and explained other ways to get into the course if you don’t meet the required ATAR score.”

“Since experiencing Swinburne my plans have definitely been solidified in how I’d like to further my studies.”

From Kailyn, Kempsey –

“The campus was huge and gorgeous. I felt very welcomed and comfortable walking around and seeing all the facilities that the uni had to offer. The Animation and Gaming sections were fascinating and to find out that we were using the same programs as uni students was pretty awesome.”

“The experience has definitely opened my eyes to campus life and how things worked at the Swinburne uni. I am still aiming towards a more practical, hands-on course with TAFE but Swinburne is not ruled out for the future.”

From Mikayla, Yass –

“I found the information of the psychology degrees the most interesting and informative. I still aim to attend a great university, however, now Swinburne is definitely an option. As I adore another university, it would be between those two.”

Thank you to Swinburne for providing us with this wonderful university experience!


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