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Taking the reins: from bush to business

By December 13, 2020December 16th, 2020No Comments

Angus Barrett founded and runs a highly regarded saddlery and leather goods manufacturing business based in Orange, NSW. Growing up on the land, horses were his passion and as a cowboy at heart Angus now wants to mentor a ‘kid from the bush’ and share what he has learnt in the last 20 years.

Design your life the way you want it

Angus Barrett


Angus knows that the road to success is not always clear. He also understands that you only get out of life what you put into it.

“I left school at 16. School was not a negative experience for me, but I felt it wasn’t a very good use of my time. I did not capitalise on the opportunities that were right in front of me. My feet started to become itchy and I just wanted to get out there amongst it all, whatever that might be.”

After leaving school, Angus met Griffith farmer, Mr Peter Salvestro, and began working as a stockman. Angus described this as a wonderful way to start a new life away from school, family and the known security of the small country town he grew up in.

Angus says Peter is an amazingly passionate person who follows his heart and head when making decisions. “Peter has been an inspiration and mentor for the last 25 years. For two years I worked alongside Peter. I sat next to him in his ute and listened to every instruction and conversation he had. I watched, learned and soaked up every drop of business acumen that was available. It was the apprenticeship of a lifetime!”

From this starting point Angus did not have a clear-cut career path ahead of him but says “in those early years it was just myself, my motorbike and my dog. What became apparent was the understanding that I had an opportunity to create my own direction in life. It was my first completely independent experience, and I was inspired to seek, strive and look ahead with vision.”

His love for horses and rodeo evolved into to learning leatherwork and saddlery, ultimately starting the journey he is now on.

It’s easy to get training if you’re passionate and prepared to work for it. I worked with leading saddlers around the world. I made no money in doing so but the experience and training was invaluable. I have always found people who are willing to help and teach me.”


Angus now wants to share and give back to something greater than himself. He is offering his time and skills by partnering with CEF to offer a mentorship opportunity to a young person from rural or regional Australia.

“I want to help steer the life journey of a kid from the bush in the right direction. The first thing I would teach them is the value in getting up every morning with a vision and some direction for where they would like to be in 5–10 years’ time.

I would like the opportunity to share what I have learnt so far in my life, what I know about starting and running a business, as well as the fun stuff from how to make a stitch in leather and the power of vision and belief. We firstly need to remember that the greatest failure of all is the failure not to try.”

It is not about doing more; it is about being more

Angus Barrett


If you are passionate, motivated to learn and would like the opportunity to be mentored by the team at Angus Barrett Saddlery in Orange, NSW, contact your CEF local foundation with an expression of interest. Suitable applicants will be forwarded to Angus who will provide details of this special job opportunity.


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