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And V is also for Victory…a game changing partnership that sees our VET sector students receive significant additional funding.

Approximately one third of rural and regional students choose Vocational Education and Training (VET) study such as TAFE, apprenticeships and short courses.

This training can be more attainable (and affordable) than university study and can equip our young people to take on those all-important trades – we’ve all needed an electrician, plumber, mechanic or hairdresser at least once!

Adding to the benefits of a VET education, wage comparison data shows the median full-time income for university graduates is $54,000; whereas a TAFE NSW graduate is earning $56,000…win, win!

CEF currently has education partnerships with more than 15 universities and colleges across Australia to provide matched funds (co-funding) to CEF supported students attending their institutions.

Unfortunately, the VET sector does not have the same access to funding to enter into similar arrangements.

We are therefore so excited to have enlisted backing from a philanthropic foundation to provide an additional $112,000 in support to first and second year students studying in these much needed areas.

At CEF, the VET sector cohort is underrepresented (approximately one sixth of our recipients) and we predict that providing matched funding will attract more VET students applying to CEF. Additional support for these students highlights the importance of VET sector study as a valid option after school, particularly in regional areas.

With trying times impacting the fundraising abilities of our local foundations, this funding is a magnificent boost to their efforts.

“This is fantastic! I have often felt badly that our VET students could not access extra funds like our uni students.”
Charlotte Middleton, Chair, Hastings District Education Fund

Timothy Button

CEF Central Australia, Cert II Aircraft Engineering, TAFE

“The funds I have generously been donated have been put towards my tool box which I use on a daily basis. I have been able to reduce the stress of expenses such as rent, fuel and daily purchases and am very grateful for that.”

Haylee Bellato

CEF Coleambally-Darlington Point, Cert III in Outdoor Education

“I chose this course as I don’t enjoy school but wanted to find ways to finish school having accomplished something. I’m very close to finishing and will be very happy and proud of myself as it has been a challenge. The funds helped me buy the equipment I need, like clothing, back packs, hiking boots etc. I appreciate this and am very grateful for CEF."


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