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Where there’s a Will…

By September 4, 2020October 27th, 2020No Comments

This may be a difficult subject to discuss, but what better time than during ‘Include a Charity’ week, supported by the Fundraising Institute of Australia.


A bequest, or gift in Will as it is now more commonly referred to, is simply a gift that you leave in your Will to a charity of your choice.

Gifts in Wills are often a sum of money or property left to the organisation who’s work you are passionate about.

You can leave a gift in your Will for a charity to use at its discretion, knowing that they will use your kind gift in a way that best serves their mission, the people they support and your memory.

Some people have specific purposes they wish to see supported as their legacy, and as such, may include directions or conditions in their Will that need to be followed. For suggested wording or ways to leave a gift to CEF,  visit our  Gifts in Wills page.

You don’t need to be wealthy to leave a gift in your Will – no matter what size the gift, it helps our work live on.

“The results of the Country Education Foundation of Australia are simply outstanding. Isabel and I are very happy to continue to support your work both now and through our bequest, long into the future.”

David Smithers, AMTreasurer, CEF
Did you know that a gift in your Will leaves a lasting legacy? Without these legacies we would struggle to continue our work.


As you know, CEF receives no government funding. We rely on the generosity of education, corporate and philanthropic partners, and individuals just like you.

Your generosity could make all the difference to a young person that may struggle to obtain the level of education and training they desire because of the challenges they face, simply because of their postcode.

This Include a Charity week we ask you to consider, when the time is right, and you have taken care of your family and friends, to leave a gift in your Will to CEF.

Your gift will allow our work to live on, and you will be investing in the future of our exceptional rural and regional youth, helping us to change the lives of many across Australia.

Have you already included CEF in your Will?

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In the United States and England it is estimated that about 70% of Wills are now created online. With the effects of COVID-19 moving us to a virtual world, it is no surprise that Australia is quickly following this lead.

This year, CEF is a member of Include a Charity, who have formed a partnership with Safewill.

This online platform allows you to start, complete or update your Will without a lawyer or expensive legal fees.

During this Include a Charity week, if you choose to leave a gift in your Will to CEF using Safewill during the month of September, a special 50% discount will be applied.

‘Include a Charity’ week runs from Monday 7th to Sunday the 13th September, and coincides with international legacy weeks.

  • Normally $190
  • Optional subscription – $15 per year
  • Go to the Safewill website
  • Choose to leave a gift to CEF 
  • Enter discount code: IAC50
Not ready to consider a gift in your Will just yet? Donate to CEF today instead to support our rural and regional youth

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