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Student Zach says the key to success is all about balance

By April 20, 2020January 14th, 2021No Comments
Zach Leach Deahm

A couple of months ago we asked Zach Leach-Deahm, a Charles Sturt University Bachelor of Teaching student, what was his key to successfully surviving uni – his answer – creating a good study, work, life balance.

From his first year Zach lived on campus in Bathurst, NSW and he kept busy and involved in the university community, making the most of the experience.

“I split my time across my studies, placements, my residences social committee (John Oxley Village). I was also an active member of my rugby league club, the CSU Mungoes and had a part-time job at a local bottle shop.” said Zach

“I found myself with a lot on my plate, but managed to keep my community involvement very high, which allowed me to be involved in several events last year. I also kept my studies and grades at a good level by managing my time better.”

Now in his final year and adapting to being a student during Covid-19, Zach’s top tips when it comes to creating a good study, work life balance haven’t changed all that much. He thinks his advice is actually more relevant than ever. So what are these tips?

Plan ahead: Look at when things are due and dedicate time to assessments early before mixing a social life and work into your plans.

Stick to a routine: choose set times a day to sit down and do your uni work. Then you have time to enjoy socialising and relaxing.

Be flexible: Some days and assessments are going to be bigger than others, but that is a part of life. Wake up a little earlier and get a few hours of study in or block out a times that it suits your day.

It’s ok to miss out sometimes: There are many events and opportunities to socialise. But it is okay to occasionally miss out, get those assignments done.

“I now live in a share house with friends, so I did not have to move home when the campus closed due to Covid-19. I was also lucky my part time job at the bottle shop has continued. I am still needing to plan, time manage and miss out on some ‘in-house’ socialising to get things done.” Zach said

“Studying only at home now, I am treating my studies sort of like a job, sticking to a routine and being flexible depending what is on. Most mornings I study from 9am-12pm, have a break for an hour and chip away at smaller things throughout the rest of the day.” he said

Zach is supported by CEF Coleambally/Darlington Point.


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