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Lee is widening the ‘Scope’ for women, children and science

By November 26, 2019April 17th, 2024No Comments

Lee Constable has already achieved so much in the field of science, and is now sharing her knowledge and importantly, educating children. Her work and accomplishments make her the perfect choice for the 2019 Alinta Energy – CEF Alumnus of the Year.

After completing her Bachelor of Arts and Science and Master of Science Communication at the Australian National University, Lee was part of the largest ever all-female expedition to Antarctica with 80 women in STEM from all over the world in 2018. She started a youth-run radio show and podcast, ‘SoapBox’, focused on environmental sustainability and social justice; she founded ‘Co-Lab: Science Meets Street Art’ where she assists young scientists to collaborate with street artists to create live murals for the public to watch evolve while learning about the science. She’s also recently written a kids book called How to Save the Whole Stinkin’ Planet. This girl from Galong is using every avenue available to her to educate society on various scientific issues, with passion and a fresh approach to education.

Currently residing in Brisbane, she’s working as a television presenter, hosting ‘Scope’ network 10’s national science TV show for kids. Lee uses both her science and arts background to research, write and present engaging STEM content in an entertaining way for a young audience. Although she lives in the city now, she remains very connected to country Australia; acutely aware she’s “one of the few voices [in the public] from rural Australia and from a farming background.” She says: “It’s important for me to let other country kids know that the sky is the limit and that their unique perspective is valued in ways they may not realise.”

2019 Alinta Energy – CEF Alumni Awards:

Lee first encountered CEF through the local Harden District Education Foundation, when they assisted her with the costs of a high school exchange to Canada. The Harden foundation, aware of Lee’s dedication and potential, then awarded her a grant to undertake her university studies in 2009. She used the grant to help pay for field trips and hands on experiences, which not only enhanced her learning, but enabled her to bond with her fellow students. She says: “It helped me begin this overwhelming adventure away from the farm and into further study and adulthood without so much financial stress.”

Lee knows that the support from CEF goes far beyond the financial grants provided during the transition to further education. She encourages CEF alum to reconnect with the organisation, saying: “Reach out and reconnect with CEF. One of the most valuable things you can do is meet people from a range of walks of life. What a great opportunity to do just that!”

When asked what advice she has for future country students with lots of passion and big dreams, she says: “Know that it’s okay to take your time figuring out what types of further study you want to do. There may be options and fields out there that you don’t even know exist yet but are right up your alley! Have a good look around and keep your mind open!”

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