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Broken Hill Scholarships Make a Difference

By July 18, 2022No Comments
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Three, $21,000 scholarships have once again been made possible by longstanding CEF supporters the McLean Foundation (Rob and Paula McLean), Eureka Benevolent Foundation (the family Foundation of Roger Massy-Greene and Belinda Hutchinson), and the Zagora Foundation (Leigh and Sue Clifford).

With strong connections to the Far West NSW region, the families are committed to providing continued support to students from the region looking to attend university, with an agreement in place to provide the scholarships for at least another 2 years.

Their dedication to improving education outcomes for our regional youth and the belief in CEF to support students during their journey is unwavering.

This commitment was further demonstrated earlier this year when it was announced that Paula McLean, of The McLean Foundation, had joined the CEF Board of Directors.

As CEF grant and scholarship application rounds begin to open for 2023, we thought this would be the perfect time to ask this years’ recipients how the funding helps them now, and about the dreams the support will help them achieve.

Check the CEF Far West NSW website page for the application opening date for the Broken Hill University Scholarships for 2023 are now open! Are you:

  • Completing High school in 2022 at either Willyama or Broken Hill High School?
  • Attending University full time in 2023?

Apply now through the ‘CEF Far West NSW’ local foundation on our website. Applications close 30th November.

Not planning on going to university but still need some help pursuing your after-school endeavours?

If you are planning on going to TAFE, studying via distance, doing a short-course or even heading straight into employment, you can apply for a local grant from CEF Far West NSW.

You apply using the same application form – check the opening date and get started here.


Nicholas Schofield
University of South Australia
Bachelor of Primary Education (Honours)
McLean Foundation Broken Hill University Scholarship

I have a single mum as we lost dad to a long battle of cancer in 2018.

This has made it tough on mum to support me in my university endeavours. The financial hardship is strong on mum but she does an amazing job and I am so grateful.

I play footy for North Adelaide in the SANFL under 18’s league. I live in a residential college called St. Marks.

Receiving this scholarship has meant so much to me and mum. It lessens the stress on her and the financial side of moving.

Living at a residential college like I do, isn’t cheap, and this scholarship pretty much makes this possible for me. It makes me proud.

In 10 years I hope to either be working myself through the ranks at a primary school or the ultimate dream, the AFL.

If that doesn’t work I hope to be in an amazing school teaching students, and helping out with sports days and being a sport coordinator in a school would be amazing.

Ayva O’Meara
Macquarie University
Bachelor of Laws
Eureka Benevolent Foundation Broken Hill University Scholarship

My family consists of my Mum Kate, Stepdad Jamie, older brother Ethan and little sister Audrey who I try to support as best as I can.

I have a passion for youth advocacy, specifically in providing rural students with as many social and educational opportunities as possible.

Receiving the Eureka Benevolent Foundation Scholarship does not only provide immense relief to me financially, but symbolises support and trust in my abilities and commitment to learning.

I feel supported, acknowledged and cared for and am remarkably lucky and immensely grateful to be receiving this scholarship.

In 10 years I would love to be well established within the NSW Police Force drug squad operations unit.

I aim to be a positive role model for rural (especially female) youth, proving to them that anything really is possible if you have belief, passion and focus.

Ashlee McConnell
University of South Australia
Bachelor of Health Sciences
Zagora Family Foundation Broken Hill University Scholarship

Through receiving this scholarship, it has given me the best opportunity to pursue my dream career of becoming a midwife.

This means so much to me.

This scholarship has helped me pay for my living and boarding expenses due to the fact that I had to leave my hometown and family to purse my studies.

This has decreased the stress on Mum of trying to find extra finances to help me study while looking after the rest of my family.

Unfortunately,  if I didn’t have this scholarship, I would have had to study online with the loss of learning face to face.

In 10 years I see myself as a paediatric nurse and a midwife. I want to be living in Adelaide working at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital.


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