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Far West NSW

Country Education Foundation Far West NSW | NSW

CEF Far West provides much needed assistance and support to help local youth achieve their post high school education, training and vocation aspirations. We recognise that the cost of regional students pursuing their post high school goals is often much greater than those of their metropolitan counterparts and that sometimes these costs can be prohibitive.

Thanks to donations from local individuals and businesses we provide financial grants to students who need support. The funds come directly from our local community and celebrate the aspirations of local youth. It’s our way of saying “we believe in you and want to support your goals”.


Additional Scholarships

Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) in partnership with the McLean Foundation, Eureka Benevolent Foundation and the  Clifford Family Foundation are offering three x three-year scholarships to help Broken Hill students achieve their university and career goals. The McLeans have a strong connection to the area, with Rob growing up in Broken Hill. Roger Massy-Greene and Leigh Clifford began their successful careers in Broken Hill, and now want to give back to the community through their family foundations.

The scholarships are available to first year undergraduate university students and are administered through the CEF National Office.

Please note: due to the joint administration of these scholarships, all three foundations will have access to your application and personal details. Should you have any questions or concerns, please call (02) 6362 3162.

Local Grants

We support a diverse range of education and career pursuits including apprenticeships, traineeships, cadetships, degrees, diplomas and certificate level studies or entry careers. We do not provide cash grants directly to the recipients – the local foundation reimburses the student for a pre-agreed expense or pays the goods and services providers directly.


Additional Scholarships

Three $21,000 scholarships are available – $7,000 per year for the first three years of a university degree. These scholarships are only available to Broken Hill students who will be studying an undergraduate university degree are eligible for a local grant.


The scholarships are non-cash; recipients will be reimbursed for education related expenses or a supplier can be paid directly. It can be used to cover any reasonable education-related expense such as text books, petrol, transport, accommodation, computer equipment and internet access.
Please note, scholarships are not available for the payment of HECS fees.
Grants are available to local youth who have lived and/or attended school in the region for the majority of their high school years.
We do not focus on applicants academic success.
The essential selection criteria are:
  • That you have demonstrated need;
  • You are aged 16-25 years;
  • That you have gone to school and/or currently reside in postcode 2880; and
  • That you have shown commitment to achieving your goal.

If you satisfy the criteria and would like to apply for a grant, please complete the online application form and select Far West NSW as your local foundation. Shortlisted applicants for one of the additional scholarships will be required to be available for a short telephone interview during the first week of December. Shortlisted applicants of local grants will be notified of interviews once applications have closed.

Should you be successful in receiving a grant, we request that you agree to the following obligations:

  • Include in your application any other grant/scholarship/funding that you are receiving.
  • Complete a twice yearly report for CEF Far West on how your goal is progressing and how the grant has assisted you and your marks/grades for the semester.
  • Submit half yearly and end of year academic transcripts to CEF Far West.


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