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Helping Country Youth Kick Accommodation Costs to the Curb Series: ICMS

By September 24, 2023No Comments

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is making it much more “manageable” for country students to study there by partnering with Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) to deliver accommodation scholarships.

A recent report from finance company Finder stated the average cost of fuel for respondents was more than $2 per litre, and that rental prices had increased 14% in the 12 months to February 2023.

CEF’s Accommodation scholarships have proved critical in 2023, as well as it’s other streams of grant and scholarship funding, with 60% of recipients reporting they used at least some of their funds for accommodation this year- an increase of 14% from 2022.

Through its ‘CEF Extra’ program, CEF has an accommodation partnership with ICMS, which through its CEF partnership offers one first-year student per year a credit to accommodation fees, and $10,000 contributed to tuition fees. This year the accommodation credit was $6708. The student must have been awarded a grant by their local CEF foundation.

Since starting its CEF partnership last year ICMS has funded a huge $34,508 to support two students and help them get through their management studies with peace of mind.

The International College of Management, Sydney (ICMS) is an award-winning higher education institution located on the Northern Beaches and in the City of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Founded in 1996, ICMS is a leader in career-focused, quality education.

Ann Whitelock, Chairperson, ICMS Scholarships, said inclusivity, diversity and creating an equitable access to higher education underpinned her institution’s scholarship partnership with CEF.

“Our partnership with CEF is a perfect synergy where we share similar values to support hard working rural students achieve their education and career goals through scholarships,” she said.

“I am grateful that the growth of ICMS, and its pathway institutions, provide the opportunity to give back with scholarships that recognise students’ efforts and talents.”

“We have created many different scholarships including international, domestic, indigenous, regional and rural.  It also provides the unique opportunity to support students from adversity and/or financial hardship.”

This year there was one recipient of the CEF – ICMS scholarship – Ruby Watterson from Temora.

CEF University Partner:
International College of Management, Sydney

Partnership Commenced:

Number of Students Supported:

Total Funds Committed:

Student Spotlight – Liam Jewitt

Liam Jewitt
International College of Management, Sydney
Bachelor of Secondary Education

Local CEF Foundation:

Country Education Foundation of Young

CEF student Liam Jewitt, of Young, says students would struggle studying in their first year at the International College of Management Sydney (ICMS) if it was not for their scholarship funding.

The ICMS – CEF scholarship program provides funding for first year students, with $6708 for accommodation, and a credit of $10,000 against tuition fees.

Now in his second year of studying a Bachelor of Business (Sports Management) at ICMS, Mr Jewitt received $800 in grant funding from his local CEF foundation, CEF Young.

Having missed the ICMS scholarship in his first year of study last year, he said the ICMS scholarship funding would give students more freedom financially in their first year of study.

“I had to work many hours in between my years of study to save enough money for private accommodation,” he said.

“It would give more time to focus on the social aspect of university and getting to know more people.”

He is currently completing a six-month internship with the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles Rugby League Club, which is giving him crucial experience in sports management.

For more information on the cost-of-living crisis our youth are facing, check out the first blog in the Helping Country Youth Kick Accommodation Costs to the Curb Series.”

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