Is James Ansell the next Dr Karl?

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Meet James Ansell, a CEF grant recipient from Alice Springs majoring in Astrophysics in a Science/Communication double degree at the ANU.

While he’s still not 100% sure what he would like to do when he finishes, James has thought seriously about becoming an ambassador for science and the benefits it has in the real word.

I like the idea of breaking down complicated concepts and putting them in layman’s terms – like Dr Karl

James Ansell

The next Dr Karl?

He is also keen on researching astronomy and the evolution of the universe.

James says that the ANU was always his first choice for uni but without the Central Australian Education Foundation he would not have been able to go to Canberra. The cost of living away from home was simply too high.

One of the best things is that my astronomy lecturer is a Nobel Laureate – he is a huge influence.