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The feeling is Mutual in new partnership

By March 4, 2022No Comments

Mutual Marketplace was established in 2016 by the credit union industry to optimise procurement opportunities and deliver savings for the benefit of all members. They work with the ethos that we can achieve more together than we can alone.

This philosophy is at the core of what we do at CEF, so we did not hesitate to sign on the dotted line to cement the partnership.

CEF and Mutual Marketplace will work together at a grassroots level to support young students financially as well as with training and mentoring opportunities. This type of support will focus on increasing student aspirations and community engagement in rural and regional areas.

Mutual Marketplace General Manager, Richard Austin commented, “The CEF partnership is a wonderful opportunity to work with an organisation doing great work in regional communities where we can actually add measurable impact.”

He also noted, “We can see that the team at CEF are genuinely focused on maximising the opportunity, to deliver improved benefits for the people they support and that they are interested in a meaningful partnership.”

CEF Chief Executive Officer, Juliet Petersen, says, “This partnership will explore new and different ways to support our regional youth beyond the financial, including leadership training and mentoring opportunities,
initiatives that we are very keen to explore.”

The partnership has already taken a positive step in this new direction, with six lucky students nominated by their local foundations to receive refurbished laptops to help them with their studies.

The students who received laptops were overwhelmed and extremely grateful for their new goodies, and are already putting them to good use.

We look forward to seeing what our collaboration with Mutual Marketplace will deliver.


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